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I hit 2k followers yesterday! So, as usual (and because new AoU stills have been released!), I’ll be running a fic giveaway as a thank you :)

- must be following me
- Reblog to enter
- Likes don’t count as an entry
- You can enter as many times as you want
- No giveaway blogs
- Must have ask box open
- Ideally have some sort of prompt ready by the end of the contest

- I’m only going to do one, grand prize this time (because I have so many other prompts to fill). Whoever wins will get a 10k fic (although I said that last time, and I ended up writing over 50k, so I guess it depends on the prompt) written by me, and based on a prompt of the winner’s choice. 

So that’s it! Once again, thank you all for following me, and for continuing to support me and my work. Have fun, reblog, and good luck!

The contest ends at 12:01am 01/08/2014

Edit: I’m English, so we write the day before the month when we write dates. The contest ends on the first day of August, not the eighth day of January :)

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